So you can see how easy and powerful easyGen is we have put together a few online samples and demonstrations. For instance see how easy it is to create a members front end in less than 5 minutes, which includes registration page, login page and password protected pages. Or see dynamic web pages in action with the Online Demo's which will also show you how the pages were created.

easyGen has over 23 built in wizards + menu options to make the creation of your dynamic web site totally non technical, as you will see with the below examples and "how to's" easyGen hides all the technical jargon from you, all you see is everything in plain English, this means no programming skills are needed and no database skills are needed, you just point, click and build. and you can create everything from a simple join my mailing list to a fully blown online data management system, we know, because easyGen is already being used to create them.

Also see The training videos at the easyGen Online Training Centre

Online Demo's: A selection of online scripts made with easyGen and a movie to show you how simple and easy it is.

Online Training: To Help you get up to scratch and creating dynamic websites in a matter of hours Visit The easyGen Online Training Centre just sit back and watch the training videos or download them to your PC.

When playing the movies, you can skip the long pauses on the text by clicking the >> button on the bar at the bottom of the movie.


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