Welcome to the world of dynamic data bound web sites

Today is Sunday 22nd October 2017

This is an example of a total dynamic website, it looks like a normal web site but all the page content and the menu is pulled from a database. This means you can make changes to the web site, add new pages or modification without the need for any software. You just log in to your admin page, make the required changes and save. This means anyone with admin privileges can make changes from any computer. (we have put an example admin page on the menu, this is not a requirement admin pages can be hidden from the public)

Obviously this site has no where near all the options you can incorporate in your dynamic web site, to create a site like this with easyGen would only take a few minutes. We already have one made up for free download in the Project Exchange area.

Dynamic websites can be full sites or just a few pages, even a single page and can include reports or selected information, user information, shopping systems, data entry, data management, even just today's date Sunday 22nd October 2017

To see a live easyGen made dynamic website Click Here and take a look at our e-commerce site, all created in easyGen.

Click on the menu options to see other pages in our demo site.