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Examples of Dynamic Web Scripts
If you don't know what a dynamic web page or web site is we have put together a few examples and how they were done in easyGen. However, in short this page is static, it's not dynamic in anyway, the layout and content of this page is hard coded as HTML and will only change when the web master changes the page.

A dynamic web page looks the same to the viewer but it can display non static information because the page is dynamically built when the page is viewed in a web browser, so can display unique information stored in a database, such as account details, username, messages, date and time, that sort of thing. Like our Symbiant web

site, that site only has one page. The menu, page content and images are all stored in the database. So when we add a new page all we need to do is add the content to the database and the web site instantly changes to show the new page and it even automatically builds the menu to show the new page. Databased web sites are easier to manage than other web sites, quicker to build because you only have to design 1 page and they allow you to do so much more.

This web site uses quite a lot of PHP web pages, our contact us forms, our order system, our download system. It's all dynamic but you won't think anything of it because you're used to seeing sites like this. What you may never of thought of is how you could do it for yourself.

Go to our examples page and see some How to's and demo pages where you can interact with some dynamic web pages, you will also be able to see how all the examples were created. This will give you a good idea of how easy creating dynamic web sites is with easyGen

CLICK HERE for the examples page and online demo's.

You can also see another full dynamic content website that was built in easygen HERE this site pulls all it's content from a database which makes it fast and easy to make changes. A free copy of this project is in the project exchange


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