Using easyGen
  1. Does easyGen update my Database?
    Yes, if you add a data entry page to your project that has fields which are not in your database, easyGen will add those fields to your database. Please see
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  2. If I add a new field to a page that is not in the database, will easygen update that?
    Yes, easyGen will keep your database up to date with new fields added to a data entry page, please see
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  3. How do I connect to my database?
    Please see
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  4. Do I need a database to use easyGen?
    No, sometimes people just want to add cookies to a web site or pass data between pages see

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  5. Can you import HTML pages in to easyGen and modify them?
    Yes, you can import your current HTML files and then add dynamic functions with easyGen, this included database activity such as allowing users to enter information to be databased or view information in the database.
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  6. How big can my project be?
    Because easyGen is so powerful the project size will be restricted to your computers abilities, how much disk space you have, how much database space you have and how powerful your machine or server is.
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  7. How do I start a new project or change a project settings
    To learn how to start a new project, open a project or change project settings see from here you can also learn about data sources and using the page wizards
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  8. I don't have a database, can I still use easyGen
    Yes, easyGen comes with a blank Access database that you can use to create your project. See
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  9. I don't have a database set up yet, can I still test easyGen
    Yes, easyGen comes with a blank Access database that you can use to create your project. See or you can try our MySQL test database, see
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