1. My server dosn't support ASP/PHP can I still use easyGen?
    Yes you can - easyGen ships with ASP and PHP as standard so works on all types of servers. Some free web hosting companies may not allow web scripts but this is unusual ask your host which option to use
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  2. Lost layout of easyGen, can't find action builder, properties inspector, project explorer. Reset easyGen layout

    If you have closed one of the side windows and would like it back go to View from the main menu and select the item. If this fails to work then you will need to reset the layout, to do this follow the below instructions

    Using Windows Explorer you need to find a folder called "IsolatedStorage" which will probably be at this path
    C:\Documents and Settings\{user name}\Local Settings\Application Data\IsolatedStorage

    and then delete all the contents of that folder so it is empty, NOTE do not delete the folder "IsolatedStorage" just it's contents..

    This will reset easyGens windows layout

    If you can not see the Local Settings folder you will need to change your settings in Windows Explorer to show hidden files, to do this from the main menu in explorer. Tools > Folder Options then choose the View tab and check the radio button for Show hidden files and folders

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