Upgrading easyGen
  1. The updater fails to download updates or just hangs
    Please download the latest updater here

    Extract the contents of the zip file to your easyGen directory (this is normally c:\Program Files\Symbiant\easyGen 2.3)

    Please note this updater is for easyGen 2.3 only, DO NOT use it with a different version of easyGen.
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  2. How do I upgrade to the latest version of easyGen or re-install easyGen
    If possible first un-register your license (From the Help menu click on About easyGen then click on Un-register) if you have not yet registered you do not need to do this.
    Download the latest version of easyGen from the download URL http://www.easygen.com/download. Then remove your current version via windows add/remove programs Windows Start Menu > Control panel > Add and Remove Programs

    Now you can install the latest version of easyGen

    To keep your copy of easyGen up to date please use the "Check for Updates" link found in the Help Menu. Help > Check For Updates.

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  3. The updater finds updates but they don't install!
    If the update fails it is often down to network or firewall settings. You must ensure that the updater has full internet access and file system privileges.

    If you continue to have problems with the updater please remove your current version of easygen and install the latest version, see How do I upgrade easyGen or re-install it above
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  4. The updater has given an error
    If the updater fails on a file and continues to fail on the same file you will need to clear the downloaded files so the updater can start again. This is a simple task see the video, Click Here
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  5. What happens if I find a bug
    easyGen has been thoroughly tested but changes to the Microsoft operating system or .NET may cause new errors, we are constantly checking for potential problems and in part rely on our users to inform us of problems which can be reported online via the easyTrack link from the start page. We then solve the issue and create a patch which is automatically installed by registered copies of easyGen. For this function to work correctly it is important that your computer is connected to the internet when you open easyGen and click on the check for updates option in the help menu.
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