1. I purchased easyGen on CD (boxed) and am having problems
    If you purchased the CD version of easyGen, you may need to install Service Pack 2

    If you are experiencing any problems, in registering or opening projects, or starting to use easyGen for the first time. Also if you are on a network or are unable to download any updates install Service Pack 2

    Also make sure you are connected to the internet and then make sure any firewall software you have installed allows easyGen access.

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  2. when I try to register my copy it says there is no internet connection
    You must make sure you have a open internet connection before you start easyGen. Also make sure any firewall you have allows easyGen access to the internet
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  3. When I click the Register button nothing happens!
    The problem is with your Internet Explorer settings. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to visit the link below:

    Click the [Test] button, when Internet Explorer informs you of the form submission, check the box to always allow form submissions and OK the submission.

    Then load easyGen and try registering again.
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  4. How do I register my copy of easyGen
    First you need to purchase a license from and you will be issued with a product serial/license number (if you have purchased the CD the serial/license number is on the back of the CD case.

    To register and unlock your copy of easyGen first make sure you have an open Internet connection, then open easyGen, on the start page click on Register easyGen And fill in the online form, entering your License/serial number in to the 3 box's at the top of the page.

    When you have done this your copy of easyGen will ask you if you want to update your copy, click yes and easyGen will download and install all the new updates. Make sure your copy of easyGen closes before downloading the updates. If your computer fails to download all the updates you can run Check for Updates found in the Help menu. Make sure you keep running this until it says there are no more updates.
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  5. I can't see the start page
    This typically happens with CD copies. You can either download the latest copy from our web site or follow these simple instructions. Close down your copy of easyGen.
    1. Open the Run box found in the Start Menu.
    2. Type regsvr32 mshtml then click on OK
    you should now get a confirmation message. When you restart easyGen you should now see the start page and be able to register your copy.

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  6. Why do I need to register easyGen
    Unregistered copies of easyGen will not export projects. You can export the evalution page so you can test easyGen and see how it works but this facility stops after 14 days. The free downloads are full working versions except for the export function, when you register your copy the export function is unlocked. So you can build projects within easyGen but will not be able to create the scripts (web pages) or databases until you purchase a license and register your copy.
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