1. How do I get the plug-in
    To purchase a plug in go to when you purchase the download link is displayed at the end of the sale on the thank you page.

    If you have purchased a plug-in and lost the link to download it or didn't see it you can have the link emailed to you by entering the email address you used when you purchased the plug-in at

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  2. The Plug-in Gives an error or won't install
    You need to be using the latest version of easyGen and the latest plug-ins, if you get an error installing a plug-in the chances are it's due to version differences. Make sure you version of easyGen is 2.3 or greater (also see upgrading) to check your version number click on Help then about easyGen.

    Then install the latest plug-ins. To get up to date plug-ins go to

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