Programming Languages ASP and PHP
  1. About ASP and PHP
    Programming Languages ASP and PHP

    Whatís the difference between ASP and PHP? Well, besides the obvious which is they are two different languages, the main difference is, it depends on what type of server you are going to host your website on. If you are being hosted on a UNIX server then you want to use PHP, if your webserver is Windows based (NT server) use ASP. Your hosting company will tell you which language you should use.

    People building applications, which will be run on a PC or home network, will again choose ASP as the chances are it will be a Windows operating system you are using.

    PHP is also the newer of the two languages and many programmers now prefer it, for many different reasons. Because we only run UNIX servers all our websites use PHP and MySQL databases, including all the easyGen ones. So when you purchase your easyGen and your license is issued and emailed to you, thatís PHP. But it should also be said that it could also be done in ASP.

    At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference and the type of server youíre being hosted on. Because NT servers have a reputation for being a little temperamental and always needing a reboot many people prefer to be hosted on UNIX servers as they are more reliable and have a higher up time rate. It is for this reason we only host on UNIX servers
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  2. How do I get a website that will run ASP or PHP
    There are many hosting companies on the internet, and all offer various deals. Some are more reliable than others and some of the cheaper ones offer a reduced quality service due to the large volume of sites they will load on to one server. This can cause problems with connecting and down time.

    We put a maximum of 100 sites on our servers, thus ensuring fast connections and reliability. We also only use UNIX servers as they are more robust than NT. So if you are looking for a PHP and MySQL site we can help you, see for more details.
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  3. Can I run ASP and PHP on my PC
    If you have Windows XP pro, Windows 2000 or windows NT and have IIS running (see your operating system help files) then yes you can run ASP and PHP web pages on your PC. For PHP you will need to install the PHP environment, see the easyGen user manual,

    ASP runs as standard on the above operating systems if you have installed IIS from the O/S set up disk
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