Trouble Shooting
  1. Any Problem
    If you experience any problem with easyGen first make sure your copy of easyGen is the latest version (currently 2.4) and is up to date as we immediately put an update online whenever a problem is identified.

    (click here to upgrade)

    Your may also need to update your windows software as the problem could be something to do with a Microsoft component. To Run windows update see Installing
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  2. If you purchased easyGen on CD or a boxed copy
    If you purchased the CD version of easyGen, and are having problems installing and if the CD cover says Version 2.1 then go to our Download Site and install the latest version which is now 2.4 You can still use the serial number on the CD case to register and unlock 2.4.

    If you have already registered your 2.1 version you need to upgrade see the upgrade page

    You can also install the Microsoft .NET framework 1.1 from the 2.1 CD just browse the CD and execute the file "dotnetfx.exe"

    For more help on registering see The Training Centre

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  3. The automatic updater has stalled or will not work
    If the "check for updates" will not work make sure your firewall allows access to the easygen updater

    Also make sure you have the latest download of easyGen installed current version is 2.4

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  4. The links to existing projects and creating new projects on the start page don't work since I upgraded to IE 7.
    This is a bug in the IE7 internal HTML handling that no longer recognises page jumps as valid links. Unfortunately it appears that this "new functionality" is here to stay. If you are an IE7 user please download the easyGen patch here.

    To install this patch, simply extract the contents of the zip file to your easyGen installation directory (it will replace the existing easyGen2.exe file).

    Please make sure you are logged into Windows with full administrational privileges before attempting to install this patch.
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  5. Can not register easygen or access webpages via easyGen
    The most common reason for not being able to register is your comuter is either not connected to the internet or a firewall is blocking easyGen

    First make sure you are connected to the internet and then make sure any firewall software you have installed allows easyGen access.

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  6. There is no start page or the start page is blank
    This problem only occurs on easyGen 2.1 so please upgrade to the latest version (click here to upgrade)
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  7. When I try to open a project or new project I get about:blank#xxxxxxxxxx
    This only occurs with version 2.1 so please upgrade to the latest version (click here to upgrade)
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  8. I can not open a project or see pages in a project
    Your Project Explorer window has probably become lost or hidden
    Click on Reset Layout found under the Window Menu. 

    This will reset the layout so you can see the project explorer window
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  9. I get a WMI error each time I start easyGen (XP users only)!
    Download the latest version of easyGen to resolve this
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  10. Whenever I click a link on the start page I get a message saying I am not connected to the internet!
    Make sure you're connected to the internet when you start easyGen.

    If you are connected to the internet then first ensure that if you have a software firewall you have given easyGen "allow" permissions or if behind a LAN proxy server, enter the details for this in the easyGen options screen (Tools > Options, and click the LAN button), you will need to restart easyGen for these changes to take effect.

    If non of the above applies then open Internet Explorer (IE) and under the Tools menu select Internet Options and make sure the settings are correct in Connections. Sometimes just opening IE will solve this problem.

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  11. My layout has changed or I have lost some windows
    Just click on Reset Layout under the Window menu
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  12. I can not connect to a database
    If you are trying to connect to a server based database make sure you are connected to the internet and you have the correct privileges set on your database and username. Try our demo database and see if you get a problem there.  See databases for more information and help

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  13. How do I make a database
    Please see for questions on databases
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  14. Performance counters not enabled
    Some users may get an error message saying performance counters not enabled. This is an issue with microsoft .NET and is something that should really be resolved by contacting Microsoft. However, from experience their support is next to useless on this issue and they appear to know little about it, even though it's a MS issue. SO we have put up this to help users but must stress you do this at your own risk. If it goes wrong, in any way we will not be held responsible.

    Open up the Registry Editor by going to the start menu, selecting Run..., then type regedit.exe, and then click the OK button. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesPerfProcPerformance. If the category has been disabled you will see a value "Disable Performance Counter" and to enable this category just remove this value.

    Please remember you do the above at your own risk, if you are unsure about doing this or not willing to accept liability if it goes wrong contact Microsoft support and take it up with them.

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