License issues, licensing and moving your license
  1. What does the easyGen user license allow ?
    each easyGen license allows the software to be used on one computer at a time.
    You can however create as many web sites or web applications as you wish and of any size. This can also be for third parties and they are all royalty free.
    So web developers are free to use easyGen at no further cost other than the purchase of just 1 standard license

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  2. What happens if I have 2 or more computers
    You can either purchase a license for each machine or un-register a copy (Help > About easyGen > Un-Register) and register the copy on the other computer. You can register and un-register as many times as you like. But you will not be able to have 2 copies registered with the same license at the same time.

    So if you have a home PC and work PC and forget to unregister one of them, you will not be able to register and use the other copy.
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  3. What do I do if I need to format or change my hard drive or change, upgrade motherboard or components or re-install windows
    before you format your hard drive or make any hardware upgrade to your PC or re-install windows you must un-register your copy of easyGen first. (Help > About easyGen > Un-Register). Then after you re-install your software you can re-register your copy.
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  4. What do I do if I get a new computer?
    Just un-register your copy (Help > About easyGen > Un-Register) and re-install easygen on your new coputer an then re-register
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  5. Un-registering my license
    The easyGen license is fixed to the computer your register it on. This is an unfortunate precaution we need to take to avoid pirating of the software. If you are behind a Firewall and or Proxy server, you will need to give access to easyGen to allow it to un-register. If you can not allow access we advise you do not install unless you are prepared to lose that license. (Firewalls and Proxy servers are usually on corporate networks and not home PCs but many home PCs now have software firewalls) You will also need access to the Internet to register and un-register.

    To un-register your license, open easyGen and from the Help menu item click on About easyGen and then Un-register in the about box (Help > About easyGen > Un-Register) .

    To see the training video on un-registering go to

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  6. My License has become invalid
    There are several reason why you license may have become invalid see the list below to find the solution.

    If you have not upgraded your computer or got your license on another PC then first try to re-register. You can always re-register on the last PC your computer was registered on providing you have not upgraded that PC.

    Have you upgraded your PC or moved it from another PC without first un-registering ?
    As our FAQ, Training videos and the email you were sent when you registered clearly explains. You need to Un-register the easyGen license before you do this. You will now need to release your license see ( What Happens if I fail to un-register my license and need it re-setting) or install easygen on the last PC it was registered on, register and then un-register the license.

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  7. What Happens if I fail to un-register my license and need it re-setting
    We now allow you 5 free registers to cover accidental loss such as a crash. Please do not waste these, un-register when possible to keep your 5 accidental losses.
    If you go beyond your 5 free installs you will need to pay for a reset. This is a security issue to stop our licenses being abused, we believe 5 accidental losses should cover even the most unlucky of users.
    our EXPRESS service has a guaranteed reset in 5 minutes. For the express service we charge 11.99. To use the EXPRESS reset service go to

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  8. Do you offer licensing deals for multi-users
    Yes, you can purchase multi user licenses for easyGen, for prices see
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  9. Can I transfer my license to another person or company?
    No, ownership of the easyGen user license is non transferable.
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