Can I Create ..? With easyGen
  1. What Can I Create With easyGen?
    The answer is almost anything, in fact we don't know of anything you wouldn't be able to create with easyGen. If you want a website that connects and interacts with a database then easyGen can build it. Below are some common asked questions but obviously easyGen is nowhere near limited to the below. The creative possibilities of you and easyGen are almost limitless.

    see the easyGen online Training videos

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  2. Can I Create A Website That can be updated without any special software
    Yes. You can create a totally dynamic website with easyGen so anyone can update it without the need for any special software, all they will need is an internet connection and standard web browser. See

    Also see the easyGen online Training videos
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  3. Can I create web sites for other people
    Yes, the easyGen standard license allows you to create as many web sites or web applications such as shops, e-commerce, data management and so on, as you wish.

    There is also no limit on the size of the web application you can create.

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  4. Can I Create a search website, like a property search or product search
    Yes you can create a search and display website for any product or service . See
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  5. can I expand an existing PHP or ASP website with easyGen
    Yes you can, you can add new pages, reports or data entry pages and new database tables to an existing PHP or ASP web site. However, you can not import PHP or ASP pages and expand on them but you can import HTML pages and add dynamic functions.
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  6. Can I create a shop/store or cart with easyGen
    Yes you can create a shop, store and cart with easyGen that will connect to any online payment service . See
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  7. Can I create a shop or store without the cart wizard
    Yes you can create a shop or store without the cart wizard. See
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  8. Can I Create a members site or secure login pages
    Yes, most items associated to a members site are fully automated within easyGen Click Here top see a walk through and demo
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  9. Can I create page templates in easyGen
    Yes, you can import a template and then save that as a template for new pages or design a page and save that as a template. You can have as many template designs as you like. See the easyGen user manual for more information
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  10. Can I play music files or video files
    Yes, you can play different types of music files and video files including flash but you will need to purchase and install the media module from Plug-Ins

    See for a demo
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  11. Can I use DreamWeaver MX or FrontPage with easyGen
    Yes you can, you can plug any HTML editor in to easyGen and use it as an external editor or you can import easyGen created pages in to script aware editors and make further modifications should you need to (should only be undertaken by programmers).

    See the easyGen user manual for more information
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The best way to use the search is to type in a single word i.e. MySQL or ASP and then select the page that best matches your question. Or you can click on View All which will give you a list of all questions and answers in the database.

You may also find our Resources page very useful and of help.


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