Databases and database problems and errors
  1. Database connection error. Could not initiate communication with the server
    This error is caused when you do not have permission to access the database from outside the server hosting the database or the database does not accept remote connections. Contact your hosting company and ask them to allow remote connections to your database
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  2. My remote SQL Server or MySQL database server does not allow remote connections can I still use easyGen?
    YES, but if you need a database you will need to use Access, if you need to use MySQL or SQL server easyGen must be able to connect to the remote database server in order to upload the database fields required by your project. Database server hosts occasionally prevent remote access for security reasons, ask your host to allow access from your machine for a limited period of time while you export your easyGen project or use a different database server host that does allow remote connections or use an Access database
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  3. I don't have a database, can I still use easyGen
    Yes, easyGen will create an Access database that you can use for your project. See Set Up your Data connection
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  4. Does easyGen create the database
    easyGen will create an Access database see

    A SQL database is something that is installed on a server or computer, the computer administrator or service provider will create you a database for you to use within the database software. a new database is an empty shell and contains no information, easyGen will then build the database structure for you and the web pages so you can add information to the database
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  5. How do I set up a database
    There are several types of databases people will use for web applications. The most popular is MySQL. All SQL databases work in a similar way, as they are set up on a server. This can be a web server, network server or even your own PC.

    If you are wanting to connect your web pages to a database so people can access it via the internet you will need to have your database online. Typically this would be a SQL type database but for small application you could use Access.

    For a SQL database your service provider will set this up for you and provide your with detail of how to connect. If you want to use an Access database you will need a to be hosted on a NT server and create your web pages in ASP. Ask your service provider to create you a folder called db where you can store your database and ask them to give it read/write privileges. NOTE: An online Access database is also less secure than a SQL database.

    By far the easiest way to set up an online database is to use a service provider like ourselves. We will set up a PHP website and a MySQL database, ready for you to use with easyGen. See for more information
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  6. I don't have a database set up yet, can I still test easyGen
    Yes, easyGen will create an Access database that you can use to create your project. Set Up your Data connection or you can try our MySQL test database, see
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  7. I want to use MySQL on my computer, how do I install it
    NOTE: to use a local MySQL database you must be running one of the following operating systems with IIS installed
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows Server
    • Windows NT
    • Windows XP PRO (will not work with Windows XP Home Edition)
    To install the MySQL database on your PC you will need to first download MySQL from

    Then see the install instructions

    You may also find this admin program useful to help you configure and use the MySQL database.

    NOTE: If you want to run PHP or ASP files on your computer you will need to be using Windows XP PRO, 2000 or NT and have IIS installed.

    Also see

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  8. I'm having problems connecting to my MySQL or SQL server database
    Use our test database and see if you can connect to that if you can you need to check the settings to your other database and make sure you have remote privileges, your database administrator will be able to help you. If you can't connect to our test database you have a connection problem with your computer, maybe you are behind a firewall or proxy server or maybe your internet connection is down.

    Also see
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  9. Databases in general and overview


    A database is a software application or enviroment that is designed to store information. Over the years databases have evolved from nothing more than a text file to very powerful storage tools. There are many different types of databases and all have there own unique good and bad points. For online web application the most popular type of database is called a SQL (see-quill). Microsoft’s SQLserver and Oracle are the 2 favored by corporates but these are very expensive and in most cases have far more features than the user requires.


    The most popular SQL database is called MySQL, it doesn’t have all the advanced features found in Oracle and SQLserver but it is more than powerful enough to suit most users needs and it’s free. However if you are wanting to use a MySQL database hosted on a web server you will need to pay for the hosting of the database.

    For people who have little or no computer skills we would advise they use a hosted database solution, mainly because the hosting company will set up your database for you and then just tell you how to connect to your database (server – username – password – database name) and this is the only bit of information easyGen needs to start building your database. You can set up a PHP web site and MySQL database at

    NOTE: A SQL database is a software environment that has to be installed on a server. You can't just create a database of your choice, the software (MySQL, SQLserver, Oracle, etc) needs to be installed on the server you are going to use. If you don't have a host that offers a SQL database or don't want to pay for a SQL database to be hosted, use the Access database that comes with easyGen.


    You can also use the Access database that comes with easyGen, this can be found in your easyGen folder under access db, (C:/Program Files/Symbiant/easyGen 2/access db).

    Access is a Microsoft software package but you can build and store information in an Access database without the need to buy or use the Access program. Access can only be used with ASP and is ideal for low user sites. However it’s not as robust as a SQL database and also not as secure. An experienced hacker could easily tap in to an online Access database. But if your not storing sensitive data and don’t expect more than 10 people trying to access the database at the same time it is a good low cost choice. Also if you want to create your own application, such as on a PC or Intranet, this again is a good choice.

    Using an Access database is the same as any other database except you are working with a file rather than a server. If you have a copy of Access you can simply create a new Access mdb file to link your project to, if you don't we supply a blank access database file you can use. However, there is an important differance to remember when exporting projects that use an Access database. Because the Access database is a file, it needs to be exported with your project, easyGen will manage all this for you and export the database to your designated web server or folder in a directory called ds. All you need to do is set the permission of this directory to allow full read and write privilages for internet guest users (IUSER), so Windows knows to allow data entered on your web site to update the database. For instructions on how to do this, see

    Experienced computer users can set up SQL databases on their own PC or server, such users can find instruction on how to do this from the provider of the database they wish to use. See page 18 of the user manual, Using Your Own PC to run ASP or PHP pages, for more on that topic.

    As a general rule the following databases use these programming languages with easyGen.



    MySQLPHP or (ASP with ODBC module)


    OLE or ODBC databasesASP

    We will be bringing out new database connectors for both ASP and PHP over the next few months. But as a rule for PHP use MySQL and for all other databases use ASP.

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